Snohomish County Public Defenders Association –  SCPDA has a contract with Snohomish County to represent indigent defendants accused of a crime. Indigent Defendant Defense is really operating by  RCW 10.101. I started research about the defense procedures and policy about standards for representation that they are using by asking for public Records. I was told that they were a PRIVATE AGENCY not subject to the public records act. I continued further research, even though I was limited to documents.  I discovered that it was not about funds, see  990 s to hide their secrets and not let “the people” know what they were doing/not doing to defend people accused of a crime.  The Government is paying for the entire defense of the indigent defendants and I want to know how they are spending the Public’s Money. The public has a legitimate purpose to know what is going on at the SCPDA.

While I was visiting an inmate who was accused of a crime, I was served a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment from the SCPDA. I currently have a King County Case “Complaint for Access for Public Records”. They are aware of this. SCPDA has 2  a high powered attorney to ward off a citizen accessing public records in order to help the defendant that they are failing to defend. In fact it is my discovery that they are actually NOT defending their clients or providing assistance of council and according to the defendants ignoring them and not providing adequate access to their own discovery. I will post complaints filed sometime next week.

FOSTER PEPPER LLC. is representing SCPDA.  I guess my question was answered when I asked Kathleen Kyle wouldn’t it be cheaper to provide the records rather than paying an outrageous fee for attorney to hide records? Her reply? Foster Pepper LLC. is doing the work PRO BONO. Well well, your telling me that SCPDA can not afford counsel?  PRO BONO work is done for people who can not afford representation. In both Snohomish County and King County Cases Foster Pepper LLC. is asking a pro se to pay for their attorney fees, fees that Kathleen Kyle, SCPDA ED admitted that they are not paying for representation and do not have a contract in the first place. Rules of Professional Misconduct

Inmates are telling me story after story how SNOHOMISH COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDERS ASSOCIATION does little to defend them. Inmates are saying that they have repeatedly asked to see the discovery material.   They are refused in one case 4 months with no discover provided. Some have still not seen their discovery or talked to an attorney representing them. William J.  retired, Kathleen Kyle took over for him, yet in these letters William J is responding to these letters from the inmates. How can a retired person gain access to writing letters and seeing client files if he no longer works for SCPDA?  In some cases the inmate has not even talked to their public defender and their hearing is set for Thursday.  talk to their lawyer, have their public defender file motions, motions to compel BRADY MATERIAL.  I am unclear of the service to the other Defendants listed on the complaint. Here is the problem that I have. We all know that if you are charged with a crime, you are dependent on your appointed defense council. In Snohomish County it is Snohomish County Public Defenders Association. One of the Governing Agents for Snohomish County Public Association is VICKIE NORRIS, she is an attorney with ANDERSON HUNTER LAW FIRM. Vickie Norris’s husband is Charles Leach, appeal judge for DIV 1. FOSTER PEPPER’S P. Stephen DiJulio


Why would a Public Defender bring a law suit with 2 high profile attorney’s on a “former client” just because they asked for records? This is a concern to  anyone who serves justice. Its not like anyone wants a system that is a one way street, you are guilty and we are going to make sure you are, by taking your rights away from defend yourself. I have witnessed indigent defendants beg for motions to be filed o their behalf just to see their own case, and being ignored to the point that the indigent defendant writes their own motions to the court from the jail.

I found time and time again where the SCPDA is agreeing to seal “Brady vs. Maryland” material without doing their own proper research about the material that they are agreeing to seal. So put it this way, You are accused of a crime, it is your claim that you didn’t do what you are accused of and you learn that the cop that is accusing you of this crime, has committed multiple sustained complaints including sexual harassment. This is an outrage. I guess my question is Is Mark Roe really turning over 1 record when he had 200 or three hundred pages of sustained reports, he wasn’t just accused he was found to committed the violations after investigation. I will post this later too. BRADY COP DAVID FONTENOT RECORDS SEALED OVER AND OVER 

WSBA- Washington State Bar Association is a collection of Attorney’s who go after other attorney’s that go against their “racket members”. In other words if you are looking for a good attorney that will fight for you to protect you, you will not be able to find one because the BAR has already targeted them and removed their to practice law.