Lori Shavlk


1994 I became a Victim Advocate at the  Women’s Center High Desert. I worked with victims of domestic violence. I primarily worked with the center on training hotline volunteers for the Women’s Shelter. I was the advocate that provided assistance with temporary restraining orders for the Women’s Shelter. I worked with FEMA,  United States Navy (we were located on China Lake Navy Base) along with the Indian Wells Valley United Way where I ran their campaign for the Navy Employees. I was the secretary for the High Desert Child Abuse Prevention Council. I am sure there are other agencies that I worked with and volunteered for. I was dedicated to all of my clients and made it a very high priority to deliver professionalism to all of the clients I served without prejudice or self motivating judgements. I was there to lend my hand to someone who needed help getting up. I never saw the insidious corruption that you see in Snohomish County. When my daughter was born me and my husband moved to Washington where I decided to open a tanning salon. My community service of helping others, seeing tragedy and hardships made me appreciate my family so much more. Today me and my husband have three children and three grandchildren. My person experience with Dawson Place is the reason for the stories of Dawson Place. It is with GRAVE concern for the victims in Snohomish County that they be told the truth about Dawson Place a place for the County Corruption.


Government workers like the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s and  the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office think of conveyance or “just a efficient way of doing business” (according to Kathy Atwood Former Chief of Police and Dawson Place Board Member)without concern for  the privacy and well being of the victims. Let’s think of the victims, why strip them of the ONLY thing they have left?  Victims can not heal when they are being  used for bait or a target for the prosecuting to get better conviction ratings. Why make them victims all over again by violating their trust? If Dawson wants to help victims of rape do it without the government using them and their story to hide behind and collect over 9 MILLION dollars from Christine Gregoire and other governmental funding sources under a lie and false existence? There are no CHILD ADVOCATES, according to Lori Vanderburg Dawson Place have no advocates, the advocates work for the “other agencies” The Sheriff or the Prosecutor.  Dawson Place has a NO TRESSPASSING sign in their window.  Do they get to PICK their victims? Why would you keep people out from getting help for services? The Sheriff and the prosecuting attorney do all of the children interviews, according to Lori Vanderburgh the ED for Dawson Place.  One of the most alarming and very disturbing things about this twisted “efficient way of doing business” is that you walk in to Dawson Place thinking they are Dawson Place Advocates and they are really Prosecutors/Sheriff officers. They are not trained in healing for sexual abuse, they are trained in prosecuting and securing convictions. They SHARE your medical history? REALLY?  I really believe that this damages the victim further by abusing them when they were coming for help, not interrogation. This breaks trust even further after they have already suffered violations of trust and then going to Dawson Place they get further violated.  I do think there needs to be a Dawson Place just NOT under the terms and conditions they are currently operating. WHY are the “professionals” not concerned for this?


Brady Cops are another interest I have enjoyed writing and researching about. David Fontenot was a recent common name in the jails. I think there are several people who made claims of foul play and fabricated evidence and lies on search and seizure, failure to protect, the common thread is David Fontenot Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Jason Schwarz with the Snohomish County Public Defenders Association.  Police Officer’s that have violated abuse of power should be decommissioned. Public Defenders that do not put the defence of their client before friendships in the prosecutors office should not be a lawyer. In fact I am dedicating my stories to these subjects that I feel are tearing down our society. They are “MAKING CRIMINALS”.


Indigent Defense operates under the RCW 10.101 of our Government.  Snohomish County Public Defender’s are claiming a PRIVATE AGENCY. Corruption of the Snohomish County Defenders Association is so deeply rooted that it is a standard practice for the Public Defender to AGREE to sealing BRADY MATERIAL and the client rarely even knows an EX-Parte hearing was held and they COVER UP the  SUSTANED violations in Police/Sheriff Officer’s employment history. Sexual Harassment, Tasering a handcuffed and shackled prisoner, Stealing Property form a search, (dismissing it like its no big deal) liar thief sexual deviant those are  Brady Vs. Maryland material and the New Ray Spencer Case where police FABRICATED evidence. This is happening on a daily  basis in Snohomish County. There is no standard to a defense when the Bar Association is controlling members, and governing officers who are  lawyers like Anderson Hunter firm where Vickie Norris – Husband Charles Leitch an appeals judge, Partner Geoffrey Gibbs fix cases. Where is the dignity in our defense. Anyone who sees the blatant disregard for a right for a fair trial and a proper defense. I am more comfortable living among the criminals than some of the people who put the criminals in jail. Its horrifying seeing there is no accountability for their failure to defend. I have heard the stories from people in jail who are begging and pleading for the Public Defenders to help them, they are asking to see their discovery and they are routinely refused to see materials and more often than not never learn the kind of police officer that put them there is a lot of the time worse than what they did to need the defense.