Dawson Place in Everett

Dawson Place Child Advocate Center in Everett Washington
Dawson Place

Dawson Place has been under a renovation with the tax payers money. I see that they have recently Dawson Place added a sign to their window. A NO TRESPASSING sign. This is really sad for Dawson Place, they take payer’s money and then turn disseminate who uses their services.

I have a feeling that there maybe more to this story than a NO TRESPASSING sign in their window, they are also trying to claim that they are a private agency not subject to the public records act RCW 42.56. Dawson Place made claims in court recently they are exempt from informing tax payers how they are spending their money.

What we do know from Dawson’s own admissions is that they have an umbrella agency that houses the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, and when Shavlik questioned Lori Vanderburgh early on about the conflicts of how a victim would want a fair impartial advocate that would guard their privacy, Vanderburgh’s reply was that “Dawson Place” does not have child advocates. The Advocates all work for the prosecutor’s office and they Sheriff’s Offices.

Dawson Place was created by Seth Dawson,  Snohomish County prosecutor who has since passed the torch to fellow county prosecutor’s to maintain full control over the convictions in Snohomish County.

Snohomish County Judge, Janice Ellis and a former Snohomish County Prosecutor loaned $300.000 in support of Dawson Place and  maintained a lien on Dawson Property. (recorded documents held by the county)

invites local law enforcement agencies to his home for fundraisers. Mark Roe invites Police Dept. agencies to his home where he host a private party for Dawson Place future funding support while using his county influence and title to lobby government support a clear PDC violation. Report fraud and abuse PDC Violations. 

K. Atwood of the City of Everett Police Dept describes Dawson Place “Its just a very efficient way of doing business”.



Party at Mark’s House


Mark Roe 

Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney

Past President of Dawson Place


Ty Trenary

      Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigation Unit





Lori Vanderburg

Director of Dawson Place

Kathy Atwood Former Chief of Police for the City of Everett , Board Member for Dawson Place Describes Dawson Place “just an efficient way to do business”



Double Dipper? 990’s for Dawson Place and Compass Health show some concern.

Compass Health   2014   990 

Page 7 line 12

Dawson Place   2014   990 

Page 8 line 23

Looking at the 990 for the agencies you immediately see that Tom Sebastian makes a lot of money., Do both agencies give him $168,827  Salary   $17,097  Benefit