David Fontenot or NOT?

Brady Cop

DAVID FONTENOT with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s 

DAVID FONTENOT– Currently a Snohomish County Sheriff. Prior employment includes Clallam County Sheriff, where several sustained incidents of misbehavior and criminal activity that ended in him leaving very

suddenly after an extensive investigation that was SUSTANDED by Jill Denise of Portland Oregon. University of Washington,  The City of Snohomish (where he fabricated evidence of Arson),  then Snohomish County Sheriff  where he took the fast track to being buddies with Snohomish County Prosecutor MARK ROE securing convictions through becoming a court assistant to the Prosecutor siting in on trials testifying after he has heard all the testimony of all the witness. I mean the prosecutor sends letter to the Public Defenders Association saying sign the protective order “sealing BRADY MATERIAL” and then we will immediately disclose the BRADY MATERIAL. This is not what the supreme court intended for Brady vs. Maryland and also in the Clyde Raymond Spencer Case in the 9th Circuit Court this year. Police can not FABRICATE evidence to use at trial and that is what BRADY COP DAVID FONTENOT is doing in Jerry Bogart’s case, George Hatt, Christopher Alan Zellner among others that are now being maliciously prosecuted with a BRADY COP and the prosecution is making “deals” with the Public Defender’s Association BEHIND their clients backs sometimes without them ever knowing thanks to the ineffective assistance of council.





  • Confessions, Search and Seizure and Arrest Guide for Police Officers and Prosecutors 2015