Dawson Place has been under a renovation with the tax payers money. I see that they have recently Dawson Place added a sign to their window. A NO TRESPASSING sign. This is really sad for Dawson Place, they take payer’s money and then turn disseminate who uses their services. I have a feeling that there maybe more to this story than a NO TRESPASSING sign in their window, they are also trying to claim that they are a private agency not subject to the public records act RCW 42.56. Dawson Place made claims in court recently they are exempt from informing tax payers how theyRead More →

Snohomish County Public Defenders Association –  SCPDA has a contract with Snohomish County to represent indigent defendants accused of a crime. Indigent Defendant Defense is really operating by  RCW 10.101. I started research about the defense procedures and policy about standards for representation that they are using by asking for public Records. I was told that they were a PRIVATE AGENCY not subject to the public records act. I continued further research, even though I was limited to documents.  I discovered that it was not about funds, see  990 s to hide their secrets and not let “the people” know what they were doing/not doingRead More →

  1994 I became a Victim Advocate at the  Women’s Center High Desert. I worked with victims of domestic violence. I primarily worked with the center on training hotline volunteers for the Women’s Shelter. I was the advocate that provided assistance with temporary restraining orders for the Women’s Shelter. I worked with FEMA,  United States Navy (we were located on China Lake Navy Base) along with the Indian Wells Valley United Way where I ran their campaign for the Navy Employees. I was the secretary for the High Desert Child Abuse Prevention Council. I am sure there are other agencies that I worked with andRead More →

Brady Cop DAVID FONTENOT with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s  DAVID FONTENOT– Currently a Snohomish County Sheriff. Prior employment includes Clallam County Sheriff, where several sustained incidents of misbehavior and criminal activity that ended in him leaving very suddenly after an extensive investigation that was SUSTANDED by Jill Denise of Portland Oregon. University of Washington,  The City of Snohomish (where he fabricated evidence of Arson),  then Snohomish County Sheriff  where he took the fast track to being buddies with Snohomish County Prosecutor MARK ROE securing convictions through becoming a court assistant to the Prosecutor siting in on trials testifying after he has heard all the testimonyRead More →